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  • Jellyfish Lamp

    This large Jellyfish LED lamp will keep you and your pets entertained for hours. It’s like a lava lamp, but with jellyfish instead of lava. It has a bunch of colors, and comes with a remote control. More

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    Marijuana Leaf Leggings

    These leggings are designed with an awesome marijuana leaf print pattern. There are also a variety of other designs available including multiple outer space designs, jellyfish patterns, trees, skeleton, Egyptian theme, and more. They are 95% polyester, 5% spandex. More

  • Holographic Fingernail Powder

    This will make your fingernails have a translucent looking rainbow effect. In light it will change colors, and look very impressive. Each kit has enough for about 25 manicures. Need some extra cash for a festival? Get one of these kits and offer to do people’s nails, either before or at the festival. More

  • Men’s Floral Long Sleeve Shirt

    This awesome retro long sleeve floral shirt will catch everybody’s eye. Wear it to a club, or to a bar and see the attention it will attract. The website also has a bunch of other retro styles to check out besides this pattern. More

  • Lego Ship in a Bottle

    A clipper ship in a bottle, Lego style. This kit makes a great gift for kids or grown up kids (aka cool adults). It’s much easier than building a classic ship in a bottle, using tweezers and glue. It’s recommended for ages 10+ Also available: Led Lighting Kit (for the Lego ship in a bottle) More

  • Led Neon Love Sign

    This neon love sign will improve the atmosphere in any room with it’s cool pinkish glow. It runs on either USB (so keep it near your computer) or 2 AA batteries. More

  • Golden Booty Shorts

    These booty shorts will turn a butt into a golden work of art that everyone will admire. You’ll feel like a million bucks. Makes a great gift for a girlfriend, or anyone you’d like to see wearing these. More

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