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  • Smart Notebook

    Rocketbook is a smart reusable notebook with a 36 page dotted grid. You use your smartphone to scan and upload the contents to the cloud (Google, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, etc..), and then you can erase the notebook and use it over again. It’s very highly rated, students say it works great. The notebooks come in […] More

  • Cute Fat Seal Pillow

    Goodbye temper orthopedic and hello fat seal! Why bring an ordinary boring pillow to sleepovers and late night parties when you can show up with an awesome fat seal pillow? It also makes a great gift because it’s an upgrade from practically every other pillow on the market that doesn’t have a cute chubby seal […] More

  • Levitating Light Bulb

    This levitating light bulb floats just above the base. The light bulb works the same as if it was connected with wires, but levitates in place mysteriously. More

  • Reusable Licorice Straws

    Disposable straws are out and reusable straws are in. In the United States people throw away 500,000,000 disposable straws per day! These silicon reusable straws look like licorice, and can be reused 1000’s of times. More

  • Laser Tag Set

    This laser tag kit comes with 4 infrared guns with built in sensors so you and your friends can play laser tag whenever you want. More

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl

    These Tibetan singing bowls are used for mediation and relaxation. Using the wooden mallet and moving it around the outsize of the bowl creates the vibration sound. The size of the bowl determines the frequency of vibration. More

  • Jellyfish Lamp

    This large Jellyfish LED lamp will keep you and your pets entertained for hours. It’s like a lava lamp, but with jellyfish instead of lava. It has a bunch of colors, and comes with a remote control. More

  • Indoor Hanging Lights

    These led lights will help improve the the atmosphere of any room, and make it feel more festive. It can be used as Christmas lighting or for general decorations any time of year. It has 8 effects: in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, combination, and steady on. More

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    Lego Ship in a Bottle

    A clipper ship in a bottle, Lego style. This kit makes a great gift for kids or grown up kids (aka cool adults). It’s much easier than building a classic ship in a bottle, using tweezers and glue. It’s recommended for ages 10+ Also available: Led Lighting Kit (for the Lego ship in a bottle) More

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    Glowing Moon Lamp

    This glowing moon lamp is 3D printed to have a realistic looking appearance. It has a built in battery that can be charged and lasts 4+ hours. It has a remote control to control the brightness and color. More

  • Disco Ball Party Light

    Turn your party up to the next level with this colorful disco ball style light projector. It has 3 single color effects, and 4 multi-color patterns. It works with either USB or AA batteries. More

  • Feisty Pets

    Feisty pets go from cute and cuddly to mean and aggressive with a squeeze. There are lots of different Feisty Pets available, this one is named Sammy Suckerpunch. Checkout the videos to see Feisty Pets in action. More

  • Electric Folding eBicycle

    This is one of the most popular eBikes available, with a 15.5 mile range per charge! It adjusts to fit people of all heights, from kids to adults up to 264 lbs. It folds up for easy storage, and has indicators on the handlebars to let you know your power levels. More

  • Inflatable Floating Island

    This inflatable island is much more affordable than either an island or a boat. It has a built in cooler to keep your drinks cold, a shade cover, and enough room for 6 people. Grab your friends and get floating! More

  • Neon UV Body Paint

    Tutorials People will say you have a certain glow about you when you wear this UV sensitive body paint to a music festival or club. Find a good tutorial online before you begin painting, so you don’t end up looking like a clown. More

  • Gigantic 12ft Beach Ball

    This beach ball is gigantic, 12 feet across which is ridiculously big. Just don’t let it get carried by the wind, it will destroy any sand castles it comes across and wreck havoc all across the beach. More

  • Kinetic Flow Toy

    This is the same popular flowtoy available at festivals and events. It folds flat and pops open. It will roll along your arm and can pass it between hands. Checkout the videos to see how it works. More

  • Miracle Berries

    These berries temporarily change your sour taste buds to sweet. You can experience the most intense sweet taste in your life. Things that are normally sour will taste sweet instead, including lemons, limes, and much more. More

  • Giant Lollipop

    This giant strawberry flavored lollipop weighs 1.75 lbs (790 g)! YOLO More

  • Giant 5lb Gummy Bear

    Wondering what to get your friend / partner for a gift? Get them a giant gummy bear! There are a bunch of different flavors and colors available. More

  • LED Shoelaces

    These shoelaces have 3 different modes:1. Quick flash2. Slow flash3. Neon-rotation mode They are not rechargeable. The included battery should last around 60 hours, and can be replaced. More

  • Tortilla Blanket

    You will instantly turn yourself into a burrito when you wrap this tortilla blanket around yourself. This super soft blanket comes in 8 different tortilla designs, and multiple sizes. More

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