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    Reusable Licorice Straws

    Disposable straws are out and reusable straws are in. In the United States people throw away 500,000,000 disposable straws per day! These silicon reusable straws look like licorice, and can be reused 1000’s of times. More

  • Laser Tag Set

    This laser tag kit comes with 4 infrared guns with built in sensors so you and your friends can play laser tag whenever you want. More

  • Heated Rechargeable Beanie

    Keep warm this winter with a rechargeable heated beanie. It has 3 different temperature settings, and two different designs to choose from. More

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    Tibetan Singing Bowl

    These Tibetan singing bowls are used for mediation and relaxation. Using the wooden mallet and moving it around the outsize of the bowl creates the vibration sound. The size of the bowl determines the frequency of vibration. More

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    Waterfall Incense Burner

    The smoke from this incense burner flows down the leaves to create a cool looking cascading smoke effect. This incense burner comes with 80 incense cones and 30 incense sticks to get you started. The scents it comes with include: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Green Tea, Mint, Sandalwood and Osmanthus. More

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    Jellyfish Lamp

    This large Jellyfish LED lamp will keep you and your pets entertained for hours. It’s like a lava lamp, but with jellyfish instead of lava. It has a bunch of colors, and comes with a remote control. More

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    Coffee Cup and Pipe in One

    Now you just need one cup in the morning to wake and bake, rather than a cup and pipe This coffee cup will hold your coffee and also has a built in pipe on the side. Now if I could just find my lighter… More

  • Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

    Inside this book there are 20 scratch and sniff scents. Only a few of them are strains of marijuana (like Blueberry Kush, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel), the rest are scents like tea, maple syrup, cotton candy, roses, musk, and others. More

  • Metallic Silver pants

    These shiny metallic silver pants will make you look like a rockstar. They are great for DJs, performers, bikers, or anyone looking for cool pants. More

  • Gold Grills

    Look like a million bucks is in your mouth with this 18K gold plated grill with Cubic Zirconia diamonds. Wear it to the club, wear it to picture day at school, or wear it to work. Well maybe not school or work, but the club, yea. More

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    Diamond Ice Cube Tray

    Diamond shaped ice cubes are great for when you are serving drinks to your friends. It makes your drinks look like a fancy cocktail drinks at home. More

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    Biometric Fingerprint Lock

    This padlock uses a fingerprint scanner as the unlock mechanism instead of a key or combination. It can store up 15 fingerprints at once. It it is dustproof, and waterproof. More

  • Multi-Function Shower Panel

    The shower head has 6 different functions, there are body jets, power mist massage, and 3 handheld settings. If you want the ultimate shower in the morning check this out! More

  • Futuristic Light Up LED Glasses

    These light up LED glasses are great for parties, raves, music festivals, etc. There are different colors available including: blue, green, yellow, orange, white, red and pink. More

  • Outdoor String Lights

    These lights will greatly improve the atmosphere in your backyard or in your house. They are 3 ft apart, on a 48 ft strand. Each strand has 15 bulbs. Up to 8 strands can be connected together. It uses 11-watt incandescent bulbs.  They fully meet North American safety standards, and are rainproof. More

  • Indoor Hanging Lights

    These led lights will help improve the the atmosphere of any room, and make it feel more festive. It can be used as Christmas lighting or for general decorations any time of year. It has 8 effects: in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, combination, and steady on. More

  • Men’s Floral Long Sleeve Shirt

    This awesome retro long sleeve floral shirt will catch everybody’s eye. Wear it to a club, or to a bar and see the attention it will attract. The website also has a bunch of other retro styles to check out besides this pattern. More

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    Glowing Moon Lamp

    This glowing moon lamp is 3D printed to have a realistic looking appearance. It has a built in battery that can be charged and lasts 4+ hours. It has a remote control to control the brightness and color. More

  • Air Plants

    These plants don’t need dirt, some species don’t have roots, and some have just a few roots. They grow natively on the sides of mountains and rocks. They can be watered with an occasional spray from a spray bottle, and generally are very hardy. The link goes to a 12 pack of various types of […] More

  • Hidden Stash Belt

    This belt has a zipper on the inside where you can keep items safe and secure. It’s great for traveling to prevent your losing cash. More

  • Disco Ball Party Light

    Turn your party up to the next level with this colorful disco ball style light projector. It has 3 single color effects, and 4 multi-color patterns. It works with either USB or AA batteries. More

  • Led Neon Love Sign

    This neon love sign will improve the atmosphere in any room with it’s cool pinkish glow. It runs on either USB (so keep it near your computer) or 2 AA batteries. More

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